"LCI translations are reliable and of great quality. I got my first text translated 8 months ago and I can assure you that the result was perfect."

Damien Maisha,
D.R. Congo


LCI is a comprehensive language professional network, with a passionate interest in building a tradition of excellence in IT-driven language services through the localization and/or translation of Web sites/software and provision of high-quality and consistent translation and localization services and other language related services to individuals, national, regional and international organizations and companies.

We offer a wide range of services, flexible to your individual requirements, including translation, editing and revision, proofreading, transcription, Web site localization, etc. Our high quality translation services are simple to arrange. Whether you need a document or a Web site or software translated, our professional translators are ready to deliver accurate translations.

Commitment to Quality

Our major purpose as a language professional network is to provide quality translation from and into Kinyarwanda, English, French, Kirundi and Kiswahili. Our services also include other language services such as proofreading, editing, software translation, Web site translation and localization, conference/workshop reporting, etc.

Our success in translating various documents relies on continued focus on quality through a combination of checking, cross-checking, tight project and process management, tried and tested localization processes and the use of skilled linguists at all stages of the translation and localization process.
We know that to emerge as leader in translation business we need to work hard to be competitive not only with regard to price but most importantly to quality. In this regard, we will only work with qualified and experienced translators who are specialists within their subject areas and who only translate into their mother tongue.
Every translation project will be thoroughly checked for completeness, accuracy of content and terminology, correctness of spelling, grammar and style, and compliance with terminological and page layout specifications supplied by the client.


As professional translators, we understand the true meaning of confidentiality and we take it very seriously. We take every precaution to keep the client's data safe and secure and we are also ready, where relevant, to sign confidentiality agreements drawn up by our clients.
Each translator shall sign a contract, including a confidentiality agreement. As result, you never have to worry about the privacy of your information.

Our Focus

The following are the key skills at which we are always seeking to excel to meet the ongoing expectations of our clients:

We focus on better translation/localization management by making sure that all translation/localization projects are well managed to ensure that we can track every file at every stage of the translation/localization process.

We also focus on better translator management – We understand what it takes to do translation/localization perfectly and accurately. We will achieve this by finding, selecting, testing and managing professionally translators. They need to be native-speakers, skilled translators, living in-country, with at least 5 years' experience and be able to adapt and translate perfectly and accurately.

Last but not least, we focus on new technologies to maintain the high levels of quality translation/localization services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide language solutions that can enable individuals and organizations to communicate accurately their ideas and visions to their clients in foreign markets. By exceeding our clients’ expectations in terms of quality, linguistic excellence, responsiveness, reliability, innovation, cost effectiveness and ethical standards; we will be able to develop long-term working relationships with them and we will continue to grow our business and improve our services in order to stand out in translation and localization business.

Why Choose LCI

“The customer” is always our main focus. Everything is prepared, developed and presented according to our customer's specifications and needs. At LCI, we stand for quality, reliability and speed! In other words, we cannot tolerate any default in respect of our obligations to our customers. Put us to the test, and we will gladly take time to deal with all your concerns.